Department of Biochemistry

Seminars / Workshop / Lectures

1. 29/02/2024Departmental Alumni Meet Together Once Again (23.12.2023)
2. 29/02/2024Two Day Workshop on “Personality Development and Communication”
4. 19/02/2024Two Days Workshop on “Molecular Techniques in Biochemistry”
5. 19/09/2023Placement sensitization event: Moulding Young Biochemists on 19.09.2023
6. 17/08/2023Value Added Course "Lifestyle disorders and their Prevention"
7. 05/07/2023Lecture by Dr. Amit Rana “Neural Mechanisms of Venom-Induced Manipulation of Behaviour in Cockroaches by a Parasitic Wasp”.
8. 05/07/2023Training session: Gel Documentation System
9. 26/04/2023World IP Day Celebrations
10. 26/04/2023Workshop on Calyx POD
11. 09/02/2023 Half Day Workshop on"Image-I'm Advocating for Gender Equality" Department cum Centre for Women's Studies and Development, Panjab University Chandigarh
12. 02/02/2023Training session: Luminex Microarray System
13. 02/02/2023Training: Flow cytometer
14. 02/02/2023Training session: Real Time PCR
15. 27/01/2023"Soft Skill Development" 2nd & 3rd Feb 2023 (2: 30 pm-5:00 pm)
16. 28/12/2022Invites you to a lecture on " Adolescent Gynecological consultation through mobile App" May,2022.
17. 28/12/2022lecture on Every Tragedy Is An Opportunity To Innovate
18. 28/12/2022Hands on training workshop April,2022
19. 28/12/2022DST-SERB sponsored workshop “Protein Biology Techniques & Applications-PBTA 2022”
20. 29/11/2021lecture on " In Vitro Diagnostics for COVID-19 pandemic : Achievements, Challenges & Future Directions"
21. 28/09/2021Lecture on " “Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment monitoring in Oncology"
22. 24/08/2021Webinar on "Role of Intestinal Microbiota and Probiotics in Health and Disease".
23. 30/06/2021Webinar-cum-demo of pulmonary inhalation DCP and Inexpose system for studying pulmonary functions
24. 05/04/2021Online Demonstration lecture cum-Workshop on “Nucleic Acid Extraction and Quantification”
25. 25/01/2021Webinar-IPR Perspective on Covid Regime
26. 13/01/2021Webinar on "Covid-19 in India"
27. 16/12/2020Scientific Session: Basic Medical Sciences (14th Chandigarh Science Congress, CHASCON-2020)
28. 27/10/2020Online invited talk on " Molecular determinants of aggressive prostate cancer"
29. 21/05/2020Research Methodology Workshop-II (Talk by Prof. Archana Bhatnagar)
30. 17/04/2020Online National Seminar on " Biorisk Assessment and Management: Preparedness for future researchers"
31. 16/03/2020The Department of Biochemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh organised a Symposium on "Novel Innovations in Biochemistry" on 22nd December, 2017
32. 28/01/2020Notice for One Day Workshop on “Technological advances and Innovations in Immunology”.
33. 13/12/2019A talk on "Making and moving synaptic vesicles"
34. 06/11/2019Symposium & Alumni Meet "Frontiers in Biochemistry 2019"
35. 02/04/2019Presentation on Fragment Analysis, Microarray & Next Generation Sequencing- An overview of technology and Application
36. 17/12/2018Invitation for National Symposium-cum-Alumni Meet
37. 21/11/2018National Symposium cum Alumni meet "Biochemistry in Health & disease"
38. 15/11/2018A SPECIAL LECTURE ON "Targeting Inflammatory Pathways for Breast Cancer Therapy".
39. 05/11/2018User Workshop on: " Chromatography Training"
40. 25/04/2018World Immunology Day
41. 19/04/2018Fire Protection and mock drill
42. 21/03/2018TB- Fighting against it as it emerges and re-emerges
43. 05/03/2018One day International Seminar on Biosafety: Risks and Management
44. 01/02/2018Viva-voce Notice of Ms. Aarti Yadav
45. 10/01/2018A talk on BIRAC (Biotechnology Ignition Grant) 12th Call

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