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Biochemistry, a very important and unique branch of life sciences is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms by which living organisms, their tissues and cells carry out several functions. This branch deals with understanding life at cellular and biochemical level by way of chemical reactions at extracellular and intracellular levels in detail.  An interdisciplinary subject in nature, it is fundamental to every other branch of the life and biomedical sciences.

Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry at Panjab University, Chandigarh was established in 1962. The Department offers an integrated five years M.Sc. programme after 12 years of schooling. The students are also enrolled for research leading to the award of PhD degree in Biochemistry. The faculty members of the department are engaged in the research in the area of Nutraceuticals, Immunology, biochemical carcinogenesis and biochemical toxicology, membrane transport and enzymes of industrial importance, neurobiology, development of biosensors, etc. The department can help the Biochemical, Nutritional and Pharmaceutical industries in providing the requisite expertise in the areas of analyses and studies of biological effects of various biochemicals useful to the humans. 
The Department of Biochemistry also conducts various outreach activities, makes efforts to enhance public understanding of Biochemistry specifically and Science in general through various engagements.


The Department of Biochemistry aims to build a better future by providing life scientists with opportunities by engaging them in a choice based program, enabling the students to critically think and analyse, to carry out basic experiments that help in better understanding of fundamentals of biochemical principles. The Department of Biochemistry is well equipped with basic as well high end instruments to conduct experiments that advance the understanding of living world. This provides the undergraduate students with a foundational understanding of chemical basis of biological processes along with ability of critical evaluation, interpretation and creation of biochemical information. The extensive training of postgraduate students enables them to acquire diverse, hands-on experiential learning.

The PhD degree program in the Department of Biochemistry is to impart students the capability of unearthing scientific queries and translate this information into new knowledge through inter disciplinary research and training alongside gaining professional skills such as assisting in practical lessons. Leveraging such a research environment provides students with opportunities to partake in genuine, challenging and pragmatic learning activities involving various approaches and technologies. This is aiming towards the mission of educating the new generation of highly trained and capable scientists.

Scope of Biochemistry

The discipline of Biochemistry today occupies a pivotal position in Teaching and Research of all Biological and Bio-Medical Sciences. The fields of Life sciences, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences are incomplete without a sound knowledge of Biochemistry. Recent advances in Bio-technology and its Industrial applications have been possible only due to a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of Biochemistry. This department produces students with sound background of theoretical and experimental Biochemistry. The program provides comprehensive training in preparation for independent research careers. The students completing their studies at the department find placements in Indian and Foreign Universities of repute for carrying out research. They are also absorbed in Government and private sector enterprises dealing with any of the aforementioned areas. Many of our students are also involved in teaching in various institutes/ Universities.



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