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The Academic Calender (revised) for the session 2022-2023 for PU teaching department.

The Panjab University, Chandigarh vide letter No. DRC/Misc.A-1/34129-34428 dated 15.07.2022 issued the Academic Calender (revised) for the session 2022-2023 for PU teaching department. All the students to kindly note. 

The teaching department  of University will open on and commencement of teaching for ongoing classes by 01.08.2022.

All the students to kindly note and attend the classes of UG/PG wef. 01.08.2022. Fill the admission form available on department portal. 


Click here to view: The Academic Calender (revised) for the session 2022-2023 for PU teaching department.

  Dated: 22/07/2022
1. 15/07/2024Medical Certificate (2024-25)
2. 12/07/2024Admission Schedule PG courses for the session 2024-25
3. 08/07/2024Expert Talk_Dr. Gurpreet Aulkah_University of Sasketchawan_10.07.2024
4. 26/04/2024Notice for International Day of Immunology on 29.04.2024
5. 22/04/2024Interaction with alumnus
6. 05/04/2024Walk in Interview for Guest Faculty
7. 02/04/2024Brochure of the Department of Biochemistry for the purpose of Placement of our students.
8. 26/03/2024Advertisement for JRF in DST-SERB funded project
9. 11/01/2024Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Manpreet Kaur in the Dept. of Biochemistry
10. 10/01/2024Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Lakhvinder Singh in the Dept. of Biochemistry
11. 09/01/2024Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Nanina Monga in the Dept. of Biochemistry
12. 04/01/2024Extend the last date to deposited the 2nd instalment of fee
13. 29/12/2023Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notice of Ms. Chetna Bhandari
14. 27/12/2023Award of 2 scholarships @ Rs. 400/- p.m. Pu Soldiers's relief fund
15. 27/12/2023Award for 25 late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship
16. 27/12/2023Award for late Sh. Pritam Nath & Mrs. Ram Piari Scholarship
17. 27/12/2023Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship
18. 27/12/2023Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri Scholarship
19. 12/12/2023Exit Proforma
20. 21/11/2023Second announcement INCD 2024
21. 10/10/2023Fresher's Party 2023 (Riwaayat)
22. 26/09/2023Extension of last date for admission to UG / PG courses for the Session 2023-24.
23. 22/09/2023Application for “SARBAT DA BHALLA CHARITABLE TRUST” Scholarship
24. 19/09/2023Hari Ram Arora and Bhajan Kaur Arora Medals
26. 04/09/2023Teacher's Day 2023
27. 20/07/2023Subscribed and centrally funded databases-2023
28. 06/07/2023Revised Admission Schedule for UG courses for the Session 2023-24.
29. 07/06/2023Special Membership Drive for the passout students of Panjab University
30. 25/05/2023Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Shagun Sharma
31. 25/04/2023"World Intellectual Property Day" on 26th April, 2023
32. 06/03/2023"International Women's Day Celebrations"
33. 04/03/2023Revised circular regarding opening of University
34. 27/02/2023National Science Day
35. 22/02/2023 Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notice of Mr. Pranav Bhaskar
36. 22/02/2023Revised Notice Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination of Mr. Arun Narota
37. 22/02/2023Advertisement for JRF in ICMR Project (One Post)
38. 14/02/2023Application for the award of Mrs. Sushila Devi Aggarwal Stipend
39. 14/02/2023Application for the Award of Shiri Prem Kumar Goyal & Sons Charitable Trust Stipend
40. 14/02/2023Examination Fee Notice - May 2023 (Even Semester)
41. 13/02/2023Medical Fitness Form 2023
42. 13/02/2023Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri Scholarship
43. 13/02/2023Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship session 2022-2023
44. 13/02/2023Award of Late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship and Late Radha Krishan Prem Kaur Stipends
45. 13/02/2023Annual Award for Translation of piece of English Prose/verse into Hindi or Punjabi or Urdu for the year 2022
46. 13/02/2023Award of Gold Medal for Dr. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi eassy contest
47. 13/02/2023Award of Gold Medal in the memory of Late Shiri Shiv Kumar Batalvi (contest)
48. 13/02/2023Award of Prem Chand Kahani Purushkar Silver Medal (Contest)
49. 03/02/2023"International Mother Tongue Day"
50. 02/02/2023Annual K.K. Grover Declamation Contest and A.C. Bali Memorial Contest on Friday, February 24, 2023
51. 01/02/2023Notice : Lohri 12.01.2023
52. 31/01/2023PU Annual Atheletic meet 2023
53. 27/01/2023Submission of Scholarships Forms
54. 24/01/2023UGC Guidelines on Minimum Standard of procedure for award of Ph.D 2022 - Conflict Resolution
55. 23/01/2023Inter hostel deptt sports match schedule by PU
56. 23/01/2023scholarship free education for SC and OBC students 2022-2023 by Chd adm
57. 20/01/2023Award of Sh. Inder Pal Singh PALU memorial scholarship @600/pm for 2022-2023
58. 13/01/2023Advertisement for Guest Faculty for the session 2022-23 (Even Semester)
59. 10/01/2023Prof. Rajat Sandhir awarded by "Abida Mahdi Award-2022"
60. 06/01/2023Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2022
61. 02/01/2023Award of Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri Scholarship for the year 2022-2023
62. 02/01/2023Award of Late Dewan Somnath Scholarship for the year 2022-2023
63. 02/01/2023Award of PU Soldier Relief Fund for the year 2022-2023
64. 02/01/2023Award of Sh. Pritam Nath and Mrs Ram Piari Scholarship for the year 2022-2023
65. 02/01/2023Award of Milkhi Ram Sharma Scholarship for the year 2022-2023
66. 30/12/2022M.Sc. (HS) 4th Semester FInal Result July 2022
67. 23/12/2022Revised pay scale for Technician 01.11.2011 BOF 14.10.2022
68. 22/12/2022List of Holidays for the year 2023
69. 20/12/2022Compliance of Booking of Air India Tickets FDO Circular
70. 20/12/2022Scholarship for Extra Mural Activities for the session 2022-2023
71. 20/12/2022Scholarship for hostel students for the session 2022-2023
72. 20/12/2022Scholarship for - Need based Assistance for the session 2022-2023
73. 19/12/2022revison of overtime rates
74. 13/12/2022Result of M.Sc. (H.S) 2nd Semester - July 2022
75. 13/12/2022Result of M.Sc. (H.S) 1st Semester - Jan 2022
76. 13/12/2022Notice for International Human Right Day
77. 09/12/2022Award of stipends to poor and deserving students of University Teaching Departments for the session 2022-2023
78. 09/12/2022Award of stipends to the wards_dependents of the University Employees (Class B & C) 2022-2023
79. 08/12/2022To extend the last date for applying for fee concession
80. 30/11/2022Dr. Ramji Narain Omvati Scholarship @Rs. 300/- p.m. for 10 months for the year 2022-2023.
81. 30/11/2022Verification of medical certificates of students by Health Centre PU dt 20.07.2022
82. 30/11/2022Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the session 2022-2023
83. 25/11/2022Circular for scholarship Punjab Sarbat da bhala
84. 25/11/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 4th Semester - July 2022
85. 25/11/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 2nd Semester - July 2022
86. 24/11/2022Tution fee notice
87. 22/11/2022 Award of Sh. Inder Pal Singh 'Palu' Memorial Scholarship
88. 22/11/2022Award of Labhu Ram Sharma Scholarship & Labhu Ram Sharma & Shanta Sharma Scholarship .pdf
89. 15/11/2022Announcement of Hakeem Abdul Hameed Scholarship 2022-2023
90. 15/11/2022UGC notification dated 02.05.2022
91. 11/11/2022BOSCO Bengaluru - Poster & essay competion 2022-2023
92. 11/11/2022Har Gobind Khurana Symposium on 11.11.2022
93. 07/11/2022Fresher Party on 18.11.2022
94. 07/11/2022Extension of various dates for session 2022-2023
95. 07/11/2022Revised Extension of various dates for session 2022-2023
96. 04/11/2022"Har Gobind Khorana Centenary Symposium on 11th Nov, 2022 (Hybrid Mode).
97. 28/10/2022Recruitment drive on 7t Nov, 2022
98. 28/10/2022Alumni Interaction with Students
99. 27/10/2022Notice for observing Vigilance Awareness Week 2022 & Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
100. 27/10/2022List of student representative 2022
101. 13/10/2022GE allocation for B.Sc. (HS) 1st year forthe session 2022
102. 12/10/2022Teaching work suspended on 18.10.2022 due to PU Student Election
103. 10/10/2022Dainik Bhaskar Biochemistry News 04.10.2022
104. 10/10/2022Revised examination fee 2022-2023 for UG PG and Ph.D
105. 07/10/2022Ph.D. Viva-voce Notice Ms. Shivani Sharma
106. 04/10/2022Examination Revised Notice Odd Semester December 2022
108. 03/10/2022UGC Safety on student guidelines
109. 03/10/2022UGC Awareness week from 31.10.2022 to 06.11.2022
110. 22/09/2022Advertisement for Guest Faculty for the session 2022-23
111. 20/09/2022Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival 2022 -23 Circular 1
112. 20/09/2022Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival 2022 -23 Circular 2
113. 20/09/2022Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival 22 Circular 3
114. 20/09/2022Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival 2022-2023
115. 16/09/2022Ph.D. Students submit your six monthly report for hostel accommodation
116. 16/09/2022Advertisement: One post of JRF under the 'Indo-UK International Joint Collaborative research project'
117. 14/09/2022Departmental Mini SC ST cell formation dated 14.09.2022
118. 12/09/2022PU Library Orientation Programme - User
119. 09/09/2022DST-SERB sponsored workshop “Protein Biology Techniques & Applications-PBTA 2022”
120. 09/09/2022Post matric disability scholarship 2022
121. 09/09/2022Pre and Post minoraty scholarship 2022-2023
122. 09/09/2022Inviting of application for PM Schoarship for SC OBC EWS and transgendor 2022-2023
123. 06/09/2022Pre-Ph.D Course work Dec 2021 dated 06.09.2022
124. 01/09/2022AC Joshi LIbrary for Ph.D Scholars
125. 01/09/2022Scholarships received by the UG/PG student during the year 2021-2022
126. 31/08/2022CHASCON 2022 Registration
127. 30/08/2022Centrally Sponsored PM Scholarship for SC students FY 2021-2022
128. 30/08/2022Admission Schedule for M.Sc. (HS) Bio-Chemistry 2022-2023
129. 30/08/2022News Clipping of Value Added course at Bio Chem deptt on 26.08.2022
130. 24/08/2022Placement drive for passout students
131. 24/08/2022Scholarship for Punjab SC students for the session 2022-2023
132. 24/08/2022Merit cum Means Loan Subsidy scheme for self financing scheme 2022-2023
133. 16/08/2022Annual farewell Notice for 18.08.2022
134. 16/08/2022Sadbhawna Diwas on 18.08.2022
135. 16/08/2022Tree Plantation Drive
136. 12/08/2022Celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatsav from 11.08.2022 to 15.08.2022
137. 12/08/2022Result of M.Sc. (H.S) 3rd Semester -Jan 2022
138. 10/08/2022Anti ragging circular by DSW for the seesion 2022-2023
139. 05/08/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 1st Semester - March 2022
140. 04/08/2022Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Ministry of Education, Delhi
141. 03/08/2022Library Membership for UG PG students for the session 2022-2-23
142. 03/08/2022Three Scholarship Schemes for Minority Communities for the year 2022-23 under National Scholarship Portal
143. 03/08/2022Scholarship schemes under National Scholarship Portal (2022-23)
144. 03/08/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Gurjasmine Kaur
145. 02/08/2022Fee Notices for UG/PG Classes for the Session 2022-2023
146. 02/08/2022Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Ministry of Education, Delhi
147. 02/08/2022Fee structure for Fresh admission and ongoing classes for the session 2022-2023
148. 29/07/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 3rd year 6th Semester -2022
149. 29/07/2022L.R. Mundra scholarship 2022-2023 for Saini Bridhari
150. 26/07/2022Har Ghar Tiranga Programme under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav letter dt 19.07.2022
151. 26/07/2022Guidelines for PMS scholarship for SC students of Punjab for the session 2022-2023
152. 25/07/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 3rd Semester -Jan 2022
153. 25/07/2022Fee defaulter of M.Sc. (H.S) 2th sem for the session 2021-2022
154. 25/07/2022Fee defaulter of M.Sc. (H.S) 4th sem for the session 2021-2022
155. 25/07/2022Fee defaulter of B.Sc. (H.S) 6th sem for the session 2021-2022
156. 25/07/2022Fee defaulter of B.Sc. (H.S) 2th sem for the session 2021-2022
157. 25/07/2022Fee defaulter of B.Sc. (H.S) 4th sem for the session 2021-2022
158. 22/07/2022Honours/Incentive to the non-teaching employees on the eve of Independence Day i.e. 15th August, 2022.
159. 22/07/2022Ongoing Admission Form (UG/PG) for the session 2022-2023
160. 27/06/2022Award of Prem Chand Kahani Purushkar silver medal for the year 2021
161. 27/06/2022Gold Medal in the memory of Late Sh. Shiv KUmar Batalvi for the year 2021
162. 22/06/2022Admission Notice circular for the session 2022-2023
163. 13/06/2022Position of Assistant Professor in Deptt. of Biochemistry under DBT builder
164. 02/06/2022COVID-19 quart tine leave rules dated 12.01.2022
165. 01/06/2022Admission Circular -PU CET Exam for the session 2022-2023
166. 01/06/2022Post matric scholarship for the session 2021-2022 Punjab state
167. 01/06/2022Circular for Post matric scholarship for SC students for the session 2022-2023
168. 01/06/2022PU Entrance test dates - for the session 2022-2023
169. 27/05/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Jyotsana Kaushal
170. 27/05/2022Result of B.Sc. (H.S) 5th Semester -Jan 2022
171. 23/05/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notice of Ms. Shilpa Rana
172. 16/05/2022Child Care Leave rules of Panjab University
173. 11/05/2022Application for appointment of Writer for exam and rules - Conduct Branch
174. 05/05/2022Invites you to a lecture on " Adolescent Gynecological consultation through mobile App"
175. 02/05/2022NOTICE FOR "EARN WHILE ONE LEARNS SCHEME" (For students and Research Scholars)
176. 29/04/2022Medium of Instructions Blank form
177. 22/04/2022Student Feedback form -Biochemistry
178. 21/04/2022Procedure for Implementation of scheme of Earn while One Learns scheme
179. 21/04/2022Student Participating in Protest/dharna
180. 20/04/2022Blood donation drive on 05.05.2022 at 09:45 am in Deptt. of Biochemistry
181. 18/04/2022Hands on training workshop
182. 13/04/2022PM Scholarship for SC students of (Punjab) details to be submitted by 18.04.2022
183. 07/04/2022Last date for library card
184. 07/04/2022Notice for Welcome party on 13.04.2022 at 03.30 pm
185. 07/04/2022Extension of last date for Examination fee for UG/PG classes
186. 07/04/2022Late Dawan Som Nath Scholarship 2021-2022
187. 06/04/2022PU Shuttle from Sector-14 to Sector 25 PU wef. 05.04.2022
188. 22/03/2022Hostel Allotment for B.Sc. (H) 2nd Semester course 2021-2022
189. 15/03/2022Application for Research Project “Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral Pharmaceutical Intermediates Using Engineered Enzymes”.
190. 15/03/2022Application for Research Project “Bio-catalytic Stereoselective Functionalization of Inert C(sp3)H Bond”.
192. 15/03/2022Call for applications is open for the Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET) 2022 to avail fellowship under DBT - Junior Research Fellowship (DBT-JRF) Programme
194. 11/03/2022Biomedical research center publisher 9 14 2021
195. 11/03/2022Fellowship Opportunity
196. 11/03/2022Ph.D Thesis wef 01.04.2022 signature of guide and chairperson
197. 09/03/2022Even semester exam Notice - May 2022
198. 07/03/2022NSS Camp (07 days) Notice for the session 2021-2022
199. 04/03/2022Ph.D admission interview for the session 2021-2022
200. 04/03/2022Ph.D Thesis
201. 03/03/2022Re-opening of Panjab University as DUI Circular dated 02.03.2022
202. 02/03/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notice of Ms. Anjana
203. 24/02/2022lecture on Every Tragedy Is An Opportunity To Innovate
204. 22/02/2022Revised admission schedule for Ph.D and M.Phil for the session 2021-2002
205. 18/02/2022Extension of Last date for the submission of Ph.D admission applications
206. 02/02/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma
207. 31/01/2022Learning Resources
208. 24/01/2022Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notice of Ms. Gayatri
209. 29/12/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Ankit Tandon
210. 02/12/2021Criteria for Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the session 2021-2022
211. 02/12/2021Application form Financial Assistance to SC/ST students for the session 2021-2022
212. 26/11/2021Corrigendum Notice for the post of JRF
213. 11/11/2021Advertisement for one post of JRF (ICMR) in the Department of Biochemistry
214. 10/11/2021Prevention of Caste Based discrimation to Higher Education - in Panjab University
215. 09/11/2021Lecture by Prof. Amira Klip on 10.11.2021
216. 01/11/2021Ph.D Viva voce of Ms. Swati Sharma on 09.11.2021
217. 29/10/2021Advertisement for one post of JRF under the Indo UK International Joint Collaborative research project
218. 23/09/2021Advertisement for Project Assistant under "DBT-BUILDER-Panjab University Interdisciplinary Life Science Programme for Advanced Research and Education"
219. 20/09/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Vishal Singh
220. 03/09/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Priyanka Bhadwal
221. 03/09/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Avishek Halder
222. 06/08/2021Post matric scholarship for Punjab
223. 06/08/2021Vaccination report - COVID 19
224. 05/08/2021Advertisement for Guest Faculty for the session 2021-22
225. 26/07/2021PU CET UG exam on 14.08.2021
226. 26/07/2021PU CET PG date extend till 28.07.2021
227. 23/07/2021B.Sc. Honour -(Bio Chemistry) Semester -, issued on 22.07.2021
228. 22/07/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Anu Bharti
229. 19/07/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Seema
230. 01/07/2021Notice for CET-PG Entrance Test
231. 16/06/2021Award of Panjab University Fellowship for Ph.D. 2020: Last Dete-31.07.2021
232. 20/04/2021Office Order dated 19.4.2021
233. 15/04/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Esha Singla
234. 08/04/2021Library Membership and Clearance timing
235. 08/04/2021Award of Alumni Stipend - Mrs. Sushila Devi Aggarwal Trust
236. 08/04/2021Award of Alumni Stipend - Shri. Prem Kumar Goyal & Sons Charitable Trust
237. 06/04/2021Extension of Ph.D Synopsis for Research Scholar
238. 05/04/2021Notice
239. 05/04/2021Examination Fees for (Regular & Reappear students) for June-July 2021
240. 30/03/2021Collection of Certificates for B,Sc/MSc. Students
241. 22/03/2021Revised Academic Calendar 2020-2021 issued by DR (Colleges) dated 19.03.2021
242. 18/03/2021Library Membership for the session 2020-2021
243. 18/03/2021Revised Academic Calendar 2020-2021 for UG, PG course issued by Dean Science, P.U.
244. 18/03/2021Circular issued by DSW for regarding reopening of Hostel
245. 18/03/2021Circular regarding reopening of Hostel
246. 16/03/2021Free scholarship for Meritorius SC and other BC students for the year 2020-2021 by DHE, UT, Chd
247. 01/03/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Preeti Gautam
248. 26/02/2021Advertisement for one post of Junior Research Fellow under the UK-India Joint NERC-DBT Research Project
249. 22/01/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Sukriti Sharma
250. 22/01/2021Global Alumni Meet-2021
251. 08/01/2021Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Prerna Sharma
252. 07/01/2021Advertisement for one post of Junior Research Fellow and Daily Wager under the UK-India Joint NERC-DBT Research Project
253. 06/01/2021Advertisement for one post of Junior Research Fellow under the ICMR project.
254. 10/12/2020Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Shabeer Ahmad Rather
255. 03/11/2020Advertisement for Research Associate
256. 21/09/2020Online attendance for the month of Aug, 2020
257. 17/03/2020Events And Notices during the Academic Year 2019-20
258. 17/03/2020Events And Notices during the Academic Year 2018-19
259. 17/03/2020Events And Notices during the Academic Year 2017-18
260. 12/02/2020Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Bhoomika Sharma
261. 22/01/2020Advertisement for Guest Faculty for semester Jan-May, 2020
262. 19/11/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Sandeep Kumar
263. 15/11/2019Advertisement for the Post of One Senior Research Fellow (S.R.F.) under the ICMR project
264. 06/11/2019Celebrations of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
265. 18/10/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Sandeep Kumar
266. 27/09/2019Advertisement for JRF DST-SERB project of Dr. Dipti Sareen
267. 19/08/2019Sadbhavana Diwas
268. 09/07/2019Advertisement for Guest Faculty for semester July-Dec, 2019
269. 17/05/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Gurupreet Singh Sethi
270. 22/04/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Mohit Kumar
271. 09/04/2019Advertisement of Lab Superintendent Gr 1
272. 03/04/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Vivek Dharwal
273. 03/04/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Vivek Dharwal
274. 27/03/2019Blood Donation Camp on 2nd April, 2019
275. 12/03/2019The Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Navpreet Kaur
276. 05/03/2019Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Mr. Sanjiv Kumar
277. 23/01/2019The Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Ruchi rastogi will be held on 1 Febrauary, 2019 at 11.00 am in the Seminar Hall of the Department of Biochemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh
278. 24/12/2018Advertisement for Guest Faculty for semester Jan-May, 2019
279. 03/12/2018Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Kumari Anupam
280. 27/11/2018Ph.D. Viva-Voce of Ms. Aastha Arora
281. 26/11/2018Advertisement for Guest Faculty for Umbrella Pre. Ph.D. Program
282. 17/07/2018Advertisement for Guest Faculty
283. 27/04/2018Advertisement for position of JRF in DST funded project.
284. 27/04/2018Advertisement for position of JRF and Lab Attendant in DBT funded project
285. 26/04/2018World Asthma Day
286. 19/02/2018Advertisement for Guest Faculty
287. 07/02/2018Advertisement for the post of Jr. Technician Gr. III
288. 20/09/201713th Basic Medical Science Colloquium
289. 14/08/2017Wait listed candidates for Biochemistry M. Sc (Hons.) 1st year Admission 2017-2018
290. 02/08/2017List of Selected candidates for Biochemistry M. Sc (Hons.) 1st year Admission 2017-2018
291. 07/03/2017Application for clearance from IBSC, Panjab University
292. 18/01/2017Advertisement for one post of research associate under 'SERB 'DST' Project Last date 31 January 2017
293. 28/11/2016Application for the posts of Research Assistants
294. 29/09/2016Attedance record up to 31.08.2016
295. 21/07/2016List of Selected candidates & wating list candidate on for Biochemistry M. Sc (HS) 1st year Admission 2016-2017
296. 19/07/2016Biochemstry Msc( H.S) 1st year counselling on 20 july 2016 at 10.00am
297. 08/02/2016Revised Advertisement for the ONE post of Project Fellow under UGC - Last date extended to 10.02.2016
298. 29/01/2016Revised Advertisement for the 2 posts of Project Fellow under UGC-SAP (DRS-II) - Last date extended 09.02.2016
299. 18/01/2016Re-Advertisement for the ONE post of Senior Research Fellow (SRF) under ICAR Project - Last date 30.01.2016
300. 15/01/2016Advertisement for the ONE post of Project Fellow under UGC - Last date 01.02.2016
301. 15/01/2016Advertisement for the 2 post of Project Fellow under UGC-SAP (DRS-II) - Last date 29.01.2016

Enquiry No(s): 1800-180-2065, +91 172 2534818, 2534866 (from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm on working days )

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